Future airports – 2075

I do love a good bit of Futurism. While I would be getting close to middle age, about 55 years from now, the forever-young me still enjoys the thrill of imaginative design dreaming. Nowadays, it’s definitely a reassuring comfort, retaining hope for a nicer tomorrow, and the more amazing the theories and envisioned technologies, the better.

In the 2019 Fentress Global Challenge, Fentress Architects asked aspiring architects to create the airport of the future.  The results show potential innovations that would improve almost every aspect of the airport experience and transform the future of aviation. These fascinating concepts explore mobility, urbanization, globalization, technology, flexibility, security, and, just maybe, restoring a little romance back into the passenger experience.

Read the article on Fast Company.

While I’m fairly alarmed by the idea of creating a circular and endless concourse system, please feel free to explore the contest submissions in the Fentress site.

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